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LBC Physics Study Abroad Course Featured on "Physics Central" Blog
In 2008, physicist Gerd Kortemeyer and historian of physics Catherine Westfall, associate professors at Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University, took a trip overseas with a group of undergraduate MSU students. Over the course of five weeks, the groups visited Germany, Switzerland and Denmark where they not only learned, but experienced first-hand the sights and sounds out of which modern physics grew. Kortemeyer and Westfall offered the course again in 2011.

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Briggs Student Pursues Research Interests Abroad
Anzar Abbas is a senior in Lyman Briggs College from Karachi, Pakistan, majoring in neuroscience with a minor in theatre. His academic interests in the history of science and medicine have led him to a research project that has occupied his undergraduate career. He spent this past summer at the University of Oxford using resources at the Bodleian Library to complete his studies on Arab medical contributions during medieval times.

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Dr. Urquhart’s Graduate Student Supports Threatened Tapirs Project
Professor Jerry Urquhart’s Graduate Student, Chris Jordan, is working with Nicaraguan specialists to aid the country’s threatened tapirs. Urquhart and Jordan have done extensive research on Baird’s Tapirs and other Nicaraguan wildlife.

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Briggs Professor Gets Recognition for Creation of an Online Game that Explains Physics
Gerd Kortemeyer, a physics educator, and the folks at MIT Gamelab, including programmer Ryan Cheu and designer Ebae Kim, built the simulator to offer a closer look at the weird stuff that happens when you really and truly start thinking about faster than light travel.

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Briggs student Frank Loomis selected as MSU's new drum major for fall 2012
When Frank Loomis walks out onto the football field this fall he no longer will march with the trumpet section, but will stride out in front to lead the MSU Spartan Marching Band and perform MSU’s traditional backbend.

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