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Lyman Briggs College (aka 'Briggs') is an undergraduate, residential college dedicated to bridging the gap between sciences and humanities. This means students gain a strong foundation in core science courses such as biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, while incorporating the history, philosophy and sociology of science. Students are then better prepared for advanced courses in each of these areas, and their future careers.

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Lyman Briggs (1874-1963) was a distinguished scientist and accomplished administrator who graduated from MSU (what was then the Michigan Agricultural College) in 1893. He had a warmth and modesty that was well known among his contemporaries, and with nearly 60 years of service to the U.S. Department of Agriculture he was able to work on a vast array of well-known projects, including uranium purification and the development of what is still used today as the standard method for testing soils. He also tested and proved that a baseball thrown 60 feet could curve up to 17.5 inches.

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Since the inception of the Lyman Briggs College, it has served as a model for other departments at MSU, as well as at other institutions of higher learning. Through innovative education methods and unique vision, programs piloted and refined within the college are now being used or incorporated around the world.

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A residential college is a smaller, community-based learning environment that features classes, faculty and advisors all in a single residential hall.