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Lyman Briggs College Frequently Asked Questions
How do you apply to LBC?
Lyman Briggs College is a limited enrollment program, welcoming 625 freshmen each fall. We encourage all students to apply for admission by November 1st of their senior year, as LBC admits students on a first come, first served basis.

On your MSU application for undergraduate admissions, select "Lyman Briggs" as your major preference. LBC advisors will assist you in selecting a specific program of study once you have attended your summer academic orientation program.

If you have been admitted to MSU in another program and wish to change your major preference to Lyman Briggs College, you may call the Office of Admissions (517-355-8332) to request that change. Be sure to have your Personal Identification Number (PID) ready.

How do Lyman Briggs students fit into MSU?
LBC students are members of the greater Michigan State University community and benefit from taking part in a smaller, living/learning environment devoted to the study of science and its impact on society. During the first two years of coursework, LBC students take many of their classes within Holmes Hall with fellow residents. Most of the upper-division courses are offered through specific major departments in the College of Natural Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Is academics assistance available?
Lyman Briggs faculty, staff, learning assistants, and academic advisors are located in Holmes Hall and are readily accessible to offer guidance about campus resources. Since most of your LBC classmates will live in Holmes Hall, it is easy to form study groups. Additionally, many of our undergraduate learning assistants live in Holmes Hall and are available to work with students on an individual basis. The advice and assistance of Briggs upperclassmen, who have taken the same courses, can also be a valuable resource. Furthermore, we have professional academic advisors on staff to assist with the Lyman Briggs core curriculum, major-exploration, and general questions.

Does it cost more to be in the Lyman Briggs College?
No. Our costs are the same as other undergraduate programs at MSU. In fact, students are encouraged to participate in a semester abroad or at the Kellogg Biological Station at regular tuition rates!

What is it like to live in Holmes Hall?
Holmes Hall houses the Lyman Briggs program. It boasts suite-style living with two rooms adjoined by a shared private bathroom, state-of-the-art modular furniture, wireless internet access, and an award-winning dining facility. A full-time professional staff manages the facilities and social aspects of the hall. Highly-trained student mentors also live on every floor to support students. To learn more about Holmes Hall, visit the website at:

As a first-year student in Lyman Briggs, are you required to live in Holmes Hall? If so, may you room with a non-Briggs student?
First-year students in Lyman Briggs College are required to reside in Holmes Hall and will likely be placed with another Lyman Briggs first-year student. Holmes Hall rarely has the space to accommodate non-Briggs roommate requests.

Is LBC an Honors Program?
No. We are a residential college within Michigan State University. However, many Lyman Briggs students are also members of The Honors College. Additionally, we offer Honors courses and options across our curriculum, as well as Honors housing.

Who was Lyman Briggs?
Lyman Briggs College is named after this distinguished scientist, administrator, and writer. Dr. Briggs entered Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) by examination in 1889 at the age of fifteen. Dr. Briggs was appointed Director of the United States Bureau of Standards in 1933 and made great additions to the science community. For more info, see our biography of Lyman James Briggs.

What out-of-class activities are available to LBC students?
In addition to the over 600 registered student organizations on campus, Lyman Briggs students are active in their living environment governance (through the Holmes Hall Association), serve on a variety of committees, and participate in MSU student organizations (such as the Briggs Multiracial Alliance). Students also attend Lyman Briggs sponsored events such as the Briggs Bash, Fireside Chats, Graduation Brunch, and a variety of cultural activities.

Can you visit Lyman Briggs College?
Yes! We invite you to attend one of our small-group informational sessions. You may register online at the following site: schedule a visit.

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