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Information for search committees and candidates.

Briggs Resources

Dean Simmons’ 2013-14 Letter on Inclusive Searches

Dean Simmons' article on inclusive searches

Tips for new faculty members on negotiating terms of their positions

Briggs Teaching Portfolio Requirement for Faculty Job Candidates

Memoranda of Understanding
Each joint faculty appointment is governed by a memorandum of understanding between the faculty member, Lyman Briggs College, and the joint appointment unit(s).


Campus Resources
Academic Recruitment Resource Directory
This directory is intended to help higher education institutions identify resources that can be used to extend recruitment efforts to reach a diverse pool of applicants through advertising and networking. The directory includes a database with compiled links to web sites for caucuses, committees, task forces, and special interest groups for people of varying backgrounds within professional organizations.It also identifies advertising opportunities and electronic job boards within these organizations.

MSU Dual Career Website
Seeking, accepting, and maintaining employment often involves considerations about the career of a spouse or partner. MSU offers dual career assistance to the spouse or partner of candidates for faculty and academic staff positions. Assistance may be provided during recruitment or at any time during employment, including when retention is an issue. Assistance includes exploration of employment interests, discussion of job search strategies, and information and/or referral for employment at MSU as well as other Michigan universities, colleges and regional employers.

MSU WorkLife Website
Michigan State University is committed to providing a work environment that supports employees' work and personal life. Our policies, programs, and services demonstrate our goal to recruit and retain the best workforce for the 21st century. This commitment extends to all who work at MSU and embraces individuals, their spouses, partners, immediate, blended, and extended families. We are dedicated to helping each of you successfully manage your professional and personal life in ways that allow you to be more actively engaged, productive and fulfilled in your WorkLife at MSU.

MSU Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives
Michigan State University is guided by values that are embedded in our rich heritage as a leading land-grant university and our current position as a world-grant institution among the best universities in the world. Foremost among our values is inclusion.

The OIII oversees the MSU Affirmative Action program for employment. The Recruitment Coordinator:

  1. Provides assistance on best practices in recruitment and selection of faculty, academic staff and support staff, including offering workshops and providing resources.
  2. Identifies additional recruitment resources to target diverse populations or by identifying potential diverse candidates for vacant positions, including our own Recruitment Resources Directory.
  3. Monitors individual hiring recommendations for compliance with academic or support staff hiring procedures to ensure equal opportunity, nondiscrimination, and affirmative action.

Other Resources

University of Wisconsin-Madison Brochure on Inclusion and How To Remain Unbiased

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