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Policies, Bylaws, and Memoranda of Understanding

Lyman Briggs College policy documents and bylaws are collected here for convenience:


Bylaws of Lyman Briggs College (Updated 11/25/2014)

Faculty Evaluation Procedures in Lyman Briggs College
This document describes the annual and RPT evaluation processes.
Lyman Briggs College Academic Hearing Procedures

Community Norms

Memoranda of Understanding
Each joint faculty appointment is governed by a memorandum of understanding between the faculty member, Briggs, and the joint appointment unit(s). Moreover, Briggs and the joint-appointment colleges have created documents about the RPT criteria and processes for their joint appointees. Clicking the link above will take you to information on these written agreements.

Policy on Faculty Office Assignments
Policy on Indirect Cost Return (IDC)
Policy on Submitting Grant Applications
Policy on Summer Course Assignments


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