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Inclusive Practices at LBC

LBC Committee on Inclusivity

LBC Inc. works with colleagues in Briggs and other parts of the university to promote and foster an inclusive environment and equal opportunities for all LBC students, faculty, and staff through education, research, and service. The committee educates the LBC community by providing current information, statistics, and resources about issues of diversity and inclusion. The committee encourages the establishment of and serve as a liaison for scholarly research projects and other efforts to create and evaluate interventions that improve inclusive teaching methods and retention. The committee coordinates and promotes service activities, including outreach and engagement efforts that foster a sense of community, increase awareness, and enhance the overall climate of LBC.

Inclusive Teaching Practices

The scholarly literature on STEM education identifies a number of key strategies and practices as especially powerful for improving the quality of STEM education and increasing the learning gains of STEM students. Many of these have been integral elements of "the LBC experience" for many years, embodied in the structure of the LBC curriculum, the research-validated teaching practices employed by our faculty, and the nature of our living-learning community.

Lyman Briggs makes a point of ensuring that these high-impact methods and opportunities are enjoyed by all students in our college, regardless of academic background, major or course schedule. Key examples include:

  • Promoting active learning in the classroom and lab, on field trips, and during study abroad/away programs
  • Engaging students in authentic science practices across all their fields of study
  • Providing students with real research experiences beginning in their first courses
  • Emphasizing the relevance of STEM to the wider society, especially in our HPS curriculum and interdisciplinary senior capstone seminars
  • Maintaining strong student-faculty connections through our residential community
Academic Programs

Lyman Briggs is committed to fostering academic success for every student who enters the college. We have created a variety of programs to help students from many backgrounds get off to the best possible start in their STEM majors and complete the academic program of their choice.

LBC also has a long-standing tradition of collaboration with MSU's College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), and the Drew Science Enrichment Laboratory (Drew) programs.

Governance and Administration

To ensure that the widest possible array of perspectives and ideas is incorporated in the college's work, Lyman Briggs engages students, staff, and faculty in all of the governance committees of the college. Students also actively participate in faculty searches both as search committee members and by giving feedback on candidates' teaching presentations.

Faculty/staff retreats and business meetings frequently include workshops and presentations on how to improve the climate and practices of the college so as to be more welcoming and inclusive of all community members. Recent events have featured speakers from the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, the Diversity Research Network, the LBGT Resource Center, and the Office of Institutional Equity.

The college uses inclusive methods for recruiting, hiring, mentoring, and evaluating faculty members, as discussed on our Open Positions and our Appointment, Promotions, and Career pages. Likewise, our graduate teaching fellows and undergraduate learning assistants are trained to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all in recitation, lab, and help-room sessions.

Scholarship Related to Inclusion and Diversity

Faculty and students throughout Briggs work on a variety of scholarly projects, including publications, grants, and conferences, that study both the impact of various teaching and research practices on retention of diverse students and scholars in STEM fields and also the impact of having diverse teams for producing higher quality teaching and scholarship. Notable examples include:


Members of LBC have won a variety of university awards for work advancing diversity, inclusion, access, and engagement. Recent examples are highlighted here.

Other LBC, Holmes Hall, and MSU Resources on Inclusion

Briggs Multicultural Alliance- Promotes a multiracial community of scholars and learners within Lyman Briggs College.

Women in Science- An LBC-sponsored website that offers scholarly resources on the history of women in science.

SPECTRUM- This organization seeks to unite LGBT residents and allies in MSU's East Complex (Akers, Holmes, Hubbard, McDonel Halls and Owen Hall) to help meet their social, educational, and cultural needs. Contact for more information.

Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives- OIII serves as an institutional focal point for promoting inclusion and diversity at Michigan State University. In addition to providing leadership and support for university-wide initiatives on inclusive excellence, a staff of experts work diligently to facilitate and support a campus environment that provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities for excellence.

Diversity Research Network- Connects faculty of color and diversity scholars to create scholarly communities and promote new interdisciplinary collaborations.

Recruitment Resources Directory- A gateway to resources that can extend recruitment efforts to reach a diverse pool of applicants through advertising and networking.

LBGT Resource Center

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD)- The RCPD is committed to lead Michigan State University in maximizing ability and opportunity for full participation by persons with disabilities.

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