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Around the world, institutions of higher learning are encouraging their students to broaden their horizons and cultural understanding through participation in a study abroad program. MSU has one of the most developed study abroad programs in the world and at Lyman Briggs College each student will be given the opportunity to participate. Whether it's studying the foundations laid by Galileo in Italy or looking at biodiversity in Central America, there is a program for everyone.

Lyman Briggs and MSU Career Services Network have established a resource office to connect LBC students with internship, undergraduate research, summer, part-time, and career opportunities! You are welcome to come in and get your resume perfected, to ensure it is ready for distribution at career fairs or direct job postings! In addition, the Career Center can provide tips for your interviews, networking strategies, and help create an outreach plan to land a quality experience while still a Spartan!

Undergraduate research is an important part of education in any field of study. At Lyman Briggs College, each and every student has the opportunity to conduct research in the field of their choice with one of our dedicated faculty members, many of whom are internationally-recognized experts in their field. Numerous sources of financial aid, including scholarships and awards, exist to specifically encourage and enhance the experience of undergraduate researchers.

Getting involved and joining a student group are great ways to enhance your college experience. At Briggs, there are several groups you might join whether your interests are to enhance your academic program or your cultural experiences. Consider joining a group and you will enjoy a greater opportunity to take part in events on campus and in the surrounding community.


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