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Students at Briggs study biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and HPS.

Mathematics @ Briggs
The mathematics curriculum at Briggs consists of one accelerated college algebra and trigonometry course and three calculus courses. A freshman enters the four-course sequence at their own placement level, and develops to their preferred capacity (generally the capacity required by your major). Mathematics students at Briggs enjoy a more comprehensive look at calculus (including both differential and integral) in a single semester of LB118, and (if electing to take the full sequence) can complete study in three semesters rather than the standard four. Additionally, we provide support in the form of teaching assistants, special review sessions, and more extensive faculty office hours—all conveniently located in Holmes Hall.

Mathematics at Briggs is special and very highly-rated by graduates. In terms of grades, students who have no background in calculus do equally well in our courses. Our commitment to prepare each student for a career in the field of their choice is dependent on providing the necessary skills and tools to understand more complex matters through a basic understanding of mathematics. If you are unsure how to get started with your goals, contact our advising staff and find out how Briggs mathematics can work for you.


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