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Chemistry @ Briggs
At Briggs, we know that chemistry provides a connection between the small and the large. The Briggs chemistry curriculum takes full advantage of the role chemistry plays, and our integrated physics-chemistry curriculum (one semester of physics followed by two semesters of chemistry, ending with a second semester of physics) allows you to master the basic rules of nature before you apply that knowledge to learning why atoms and molecules act the way they do.

In LB171 (Introduction to Chemistry and Physics I) and LB172 (Introduction to Chemistry and Physics II), you will learn all the basics as well as some applications of chemistry (such as superconductivity, biochemistry, and environmental chemistry). LB172 also provides you with an introduction to organic chemistry (*many students who have taken this course say this is extremely helpful when taking the regular organic chemistry course offered through the department of chemistry*). Briggs chemistry labs help you learn lecture material, develop lab techniques, become proficient at scientific writing, and begin your own experiments.


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