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Biology @ Briggs
The biology curriculum at Briggs begins with two main undergraduate courses: LB144 (organismal) and LB145 (cell and molecular). These two introductory courses allow students to master diverse concepts like evolution, ecology, genetics, photosynthesis, respiration, and many more. In addition, advanced studies are offered in LB346 (organismal field studies), LB347 (advanced molecular biology), and a section of LB492 (a senior seminar in biological science and society).

Biology at Briggs also includes opportunities for independent study and undergraduate research, to encourage students to experience the complexity of life and biology and to create their own knowledge. Briggs biology students are able to communicate discovery and hypotheses to others, are open to debate, and are capable of applying knowledge to create further hypotheses to test. With continually refined course content and teaching approaches, you are sure to engage and enjoy biology study at Briggs.


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