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Beginning summer semester 2013, Lyman Briggs College students may participate in a 5-year pilot study where a number of upper-level History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science (HPS) courses may also fulfill specific integrative studies requirements. Specifically, if a student in this program completes LB 332, 334, or 335, the course will also fulfill the ISS 300-level requirement of the university. If a student successfully completes LB 331, 333, or 336, the course will also fulfill the IAH ‘B’ course requirement of the university (numbered 211 or higher). Please consult your LBC advisor in Holmes Hall for specific details for your program.


What if I already fulfilled my ISS 300-level and/or IAH 211 or higher requirement?
If you have already fulfilled this requirement, then this program will not impact you. You will still need to fulfill your upper-level HPS requirement and may select from all courses as listed in the Academic Programs guide for your major.

What if I completed one of these HPS courses before summer 2013?
This pilot program begins with summer 2013, with no retroactive credit for previous courses.

Can I use ISS 300-level or IAH 211 or higher to replace my upper-level HPS?
No. This is a one-way program for select upper-level HPS courses also fulfilling Integrative Studies.

Can I use two HPS courses to fulfill both my ISS 300-level and IAH 211 or higher requirements?
If you select the appropriate courses, you may fulfill your 2-course upper-level HPS courses and your ISS 300-level (LB 332, LB 334 or LB 335 ONLY) and your IAH ‘B’ course numbered 211 or higher (LB 331, LB 333 or LB 336 ONLY).

Do all upper-level HPS courses work to fulfill this requirement?
No. Only the listed courses fulfill this requirement (LB 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336). The remaining courses (LB 330, PHL/LB 355, SOC 368, HST 425, and ENG 473A) still fulfill the upper-level HPS requirements, but not the Integrative Studies portion.


How can I verify that these courses have been applied to these requirements?
Your Degree Navigator account will verify completion of your degree requirements. Your academic advisor can work with you on any concerns with degree requirements.

How does my AP credit impact this opportunity?
Scores of 3, 4, and 5 on the U.S. History, European History, and World History examinations may allocate up to 8 credits in History (HST) related to the subject matter. Your advisor may apply this to your IAH ‘B’ course (IAH 211 or above). Thus, if this requirement is already completed, then completion of LB 331, 333, or 336 will only fulfill the upper-level HPS requirement.

In requesting a substitution for my upper-level HPS, can this course count for Integrative Studies?
No. Only the listed 300-level courses are part of this program.

I am in the Honors College, how does this impact me?
This program is accessible to Honors College students in Briggs. We encourage any interested students to select the Honors sections of these courses and continue to work with your Honors College advisor on your academic program.

To learn more about the pilot program, contact an advisor. For easy contact information and/or an email form, please click here.


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