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Michigan State UniversityLyman Briggs College

Summer 2013 Undergraduate Research Winners

Brian Batayeh, first year Sophomore, LBC Biomedical Laboratory Science major. Brian will be working with Professor Cheryl Murphy, Lyman Briggs College and Fisheries and Wildlife Department, on a project entitled “The effects of ethinylestradiol-sulfate on male fathead minnow vitellogenin production”.


Alexander Ethridge, Sophomore, LBC Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. Alex will be working with Microbiology professor Linda Mansfield on a  project entitled “Identification of targets of autoantibodies in the autoimmune nerve disease Guillain Barre’ Syndrome.


Janaan Meyers, Freshman, LBC Biomedical Laboratory Science major. Janaan will be working with Professor Gina Leinninger from the Department of Physiology, on a project entitled “The Functional Role of Neurotensin Neuron Projections from the Lateral Hypthalamic Area to the Locus Coeruleus”.


Sultan Qiblawi, Sophomore, LBC Biomedical Chemistry major. Sultan will be working with Professor Robert LaDuca from the Department of Chemistry and Lyman Briggs College, on a project entitled “Syntheisis, Structural Characterization & Physical Property Studies of Novel Coordination Polymers”.