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Michigan State UniversityLyman Briggs College

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Research Winners

Megan Kechner, Sophomore, LB Neuroscience & Psychology major. Megan will be working with Dr. Michelle Mazei-Robison from the Dept. of Physiology & Neuroscience Program on a project entitled: How do specific signaling changes in the Ventral Tegmental Area contribute to co-morbidity of mood and addiction disorders?


Clare Laut, Sophomore, LB Genomics & Molecular Genetics & Microbiology major. Clare will be working with Dr. Shannon Manning from the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department. Her research project title is Effects of pH and antibiotic stress on the self-aggregation of Group B Streptococus cells.


Jessica Mizzi, Junior, LB Biochemistry major. Jessica will be working with Dr. Robert LaDuca from Lyman Briggs and the Dept. of Chemistry on a project entitled: Structural Chemistry and Magnetic Properties of Copper Pyromellitate Coordination Polymers containing Pyridylnicotinamide Ligands and other Compounds


Mitchell Rozman, Junior, LB Physiology major. Mitchell will be working with Dr. Jill Slade from the Department of Radiology on a project entitled: Vascular Adaptations with Age.


Lara Stephens-Brown, Junior, LB Biochemistry and Animal Science major. Lara will be working with Dr. Patty Weber from Large Animal Clinical Sciences/Pathobiology & Diagnostic Investigation CVM on a project entitled: Development and implementation of an equine DPP-IV enzyme detection assay to be used in studying the role of incretin biology in equine metabolic syndrome.


Brandon Stone, Junior, LB Human Biology major. Brandon will be working with Dr. Rob LaDuca, LBC and Dept. of Chemistry professor, on a project entitled: Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Polymers.


Rebecca Tauscher, Junior, LB Chemistry major. Rebecca will be working with Prof. Ryan Sweeder, LBC Chemistry professor, on a project entitled: Comparing the Longitudinal impacts of two Lyman Briggs General Chemistry courses.


Carolyn Wendeln, Sophomore, LB Astrophysics major. Carolyn will be working with Dr. Laura Chomiuk of the Physics and Astronomy Department on a project involving research to produce and analyze light curves of the white dwarf novae, Nova Puppis 1991 (V351 Pup), in the radio spectrum.