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Biology- Study Abroad

Overview of Study Abroad Programs

Group photo of study abroad trip
The Biology Group was the first to offer a Briggs study abroad and continues to offer programs for students

Gerald Urquhart invented study abroad at LBC and has collaborated with Chuck Elzinga (Honors Bio) and many additional faculty at Lyman Briggs College leading numerous programs that explored Rainforests in Panama and Nicaragua; occurred in summer or over Spring Break, and he continues to do so with a new program in 2016: Galapagos & Amazonia

History of Science in England showing historic city
Jim Smith has partnered with Richard Bellon (HPS) and others to regularly offer study abroad programs (2006, 2009, 2011) in London England that focus on Darwin, Frankenstein and others. The latest version was offered in summer 2016: History of Science in England

Paris Skyline
Doug Luckie has partnered with Briggs alumni Joe Maleszewski, Katie Diller and Amanda Seguin to offer several programs (2007, 2010, 2015) in Paris France that focus on French language, culture and examining novel ways Europeans solve problems in science and society which differ from approaches in the USA. The next program will be offered in July 2017: History of Science in France.