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Biology- LB492

Overview of LB 492: Senior Seminar


The LB492 senior seminar is a 4-credit capstone course that is designed to let students get creative and really show what they've learned at MSU by creating a thesis project. During your senior year at Lyman Briggs College and Michigan State University you are expected to complete a senior thesis project that brings together the knowledge and skills you've gained in STEM & HPS courses to create an original piece of scholarly work, i.e. a senior thesis.

The LB492 senior seminar capstone course is not a Biology course, or a HPS course but a true "third culture" Briggs synthesis course. The Biology-flavored version offered by the Biology Group is designed to help you in your effort to combine or integrate HPS with Natural Sciences.

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Some courses challenge students to write professional and lengthy thesis manuscripts, others have you form group and make a thesis documentary film that debunks a controversial science topic to better inform the public, some faculty have the entire class work together to publish a thesis book or write computer code that runs drones or robots built by students.

In addition to senior seminars offered on campus at MSU, a number are also offered on Study Abroad programs run by Lyman Briggs College, so keep that in mind as you plan your four years at Michigan State University.

The LB 492: Senior Seminar Course completes fulfillment of MSU's Tier II requirement.