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LBC IT - Educational Technology Support

We can provide support in the appropriate use of technology for teaching and learning.

Ways we can help support you:
  • Creating opportunities to engage faculty to further their use of technology for teaching and learning
  • Supporting technology innovation and adoption to support teaching and learning
  • Better educate faculty and staff in the use of emerging technologies as they relate to teaching and learning
  • Enhancing curricula through the use of instructional design

One-on-One: If you ever want to discuss options available to use in your classrooms to help keep students engaged or even special project such as websites, blogs, or videos, please contact me and we can schedule a meeting time.

Classroom Lecture: I'm available to come in and give a short presentation on various technologies and Internet options that your students could use throughout the year. In the past, I've presented on creating free websites, creating blogs and wikis, and various tools available for creating videos for YouTube distribution.

Funding: Need a particular piece of software for your iPad, tablet, or laptop that could help you in the classroom? We have special Educational Technology funds available to help launch that new innovated program for your classroom. So, don't think it may "cost too much"--please contact me and we can discuss it in more details.

Campus Explorations in Instructional Technology:
Fall 2017 Brown Bag Series will be posted as soon as made available.
These open to all brown bag seminar series sessions are scheduled for Fridays throughout the semester, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m., in room 105 Natural Science Building.

MSU Resources:
Kaltura MediaSpace
Kaltura MediaSpace provides storage and delivery of online learning media and academic videos for MSU students, faculty, and staff.

Filedepot is a method you can use to temporarily transfer files by allowing others to login and retrieve them. - Only MSU accounts to transfer files between each other