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Solving Medical Problems Without an MD: Working in Medical Management, Metrics, and Technologies
Medical Team Operates

Mark Anway, Liz Ezzo, Jay Meeth and Craig Snyder

Wednesday, March 1st, 7:30pm
C-106 Holmes Hall
Michigan State University

When we think of medical professionals, we often think of physicians and nurses. However, there are many challenging and rewarding medical career opportunities in areas that don't require an MD or RN. Come hear from alums from Lyman Briggs and other MSU colleges in medical careers in data analytics, sales, and management. They will discuss the ethical decisions (and tensions) in their jobs, the skills learned at MSU that have made them successful, and the complex challenges of moving advances in technology into clinical practice. These former Spartans may work alongside physicians on a daily basis, even teaching them how to use the latest technologies with patients. Or they may have to ensure that physicians' interests in those technologies do not put their hospital out of business! They will describe and answer questions about their jobs, and you will have the opportunity to develop network connections over a (free) dinner and in a panel of experts. This is an invaluable chance for a first-hand look at work in areas from medical supply chain management to medical device sales, and to learn about the puzzles and opportunities posed in medical workplaces from large corporation, to the private practice, to the university hospital.