Knowledge from the Margins Conference

Aim Four

Because of its topical and theoretical emphasis on “knowledge from the margins” the conference organizers want the scholarly results from the conference to be freely accessible to a wider community. It is our hope that this KFM conference will be a place where scholars, policy professionals, activists, and community members interested in science, technology, sustainability and social justice can connect and learn from each other’s work. The conference will be inclusive (science and technology studies as a "big tent") but definitive in its focus on knowledge produced by (or about) people and institutions who are marginalized in society (e.g. laypersons, non-profit organizations, low-income/caste/class people, indigenous or non-Western people, non-Protestant faiths, racial/ethnic minorities, females, etc.) Additionally, videos, photos, and papers from the conference will be freely available through a digital repository in the MSU Libraries. We anticipate that the digitally curated collection of plenary videos, conference papers, and photographs will provide a long-term scholarly resource to the global STS community including scholars, policy professionals, activists and other interested community members. For more information about creative commons licenses for open-access sharing of documents and other novel materials, please see the non-profit website here,