Knowledge from the Margins Conference

Aim Two

Our second aim for this conference is to showcase community-oriented and/or activist work that provides social commentary on science, technology and society. The art installation and/or performance as well as the reflexivity exercise will help participants use their senses more fully to experience social commentary on science, technology and society anew. The expectation is that switching sensory experiences from primarily passive reception (a plenary) to more active reception (a break-out session) and into an interactive exploration (an art installation or performance and a reflexivity exercise) will allow for new insights, or at least the opportunity to move about physically (and thus shape memories slightly differently). The optional post-conference activity, a tour of sustainability initiatives in the mid-Michigan region (focusing on East Lansing/Lansing and Detroit), will also change sensory experiences for the conference participants who choose to attend, allowing for further synergies by linking mind-memory-theory and body-action-work.