Knowledge from the Margins Conference

Aim One

The first aim for this conference is to showcase new scholarship in science and technology studies on social justice and/or sustainability. This conference builds on the interesting conversations that started in the 2011 Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) triple session, "Knowledge from the Margins: Innovation and Institutional Change". At this triple session, there were three overarching theoretical perspectives: 1. "sciences from below" as an epistemic standpoint that helps to question dominant assumptions about the knowledge-production process; 2. "users-as-producers" as a theoretical framework goes beyond typical ways of thinking about the design and consumption of technoscience; and 3. "challenging expert regulation", where ideologies of technocracy and/or neo-liberalism shape the production of local knowledge and -- conversely -- allow for engaged laypersons to disrupt the standards and policies promoted by experts. This triple session also spun-off into a small network of scholars who post to a listserv through Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute called and a website

Now, we want to continue the conversation with a new call for papers. In this call for papers we are expanding our discussion from the 2011 triple session by broadening the typology of conceptual categories past discipline-specific jargon into new insights:

We are looking at marginality and stratification across all types of science and technology studies, particularly focusing on the theme of social justice and/or sustainability and the topical areas of energy, environment, or health/medicine. Activists, policy professionals, and scholars trained in the social and natural sciences (all disciplines and methodological orientations) are encouraged to submit social science papers that fit one or more of these categories and speak to the power dynamics of the production and consumption of technoscience.