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Text Box: Knowledge from the Margins: Speaker & Abstract
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“Civic Epistemologies and the (Re)Localization of Food Policy”

Oravec, Jo Ann: University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

The notions of "privacy" and “anonymity” have been utilized for centuries in ways that support the empowerment and autonomy of individuals.  However, they have also increasingly been incorporated in legal and policy considerations in efforts to expand governmental and corporate secrecy and widen power imbalances.  This presentation outlines reputational considerations in household and individual interaction with governmental, corporate, and educational entities, providing case examples of how privacy considerations have been reframed to support institutional rather than personal considerations.  For example, it explores how locational and geographic information is often utilized in ways that decrease the autonomy of households and individuals while augmenting forms of organizational power and hegemony, often with the incorporation of “privacy” as a theme.  It also examines how privacy considerations have been distorted in social media and educational contexts, with an emphasis on online instruction.  The presentation outlines historical perspectives on institutional interpretations and applications of privacy and anonymity notions with a focus on online and interactive contexts, mapping how professional and institutional discourses on these notions have often been made complicated and esoteric.  The presentation then projects specific ways in which notions of privacy and autonomy can be reclaimed by citizens.  The presentation will explore how social scientists can play roles in empowering households and individuals in the realms of online information and reputation.

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“Privacy and              Anonymity in              Institutional Context: Emerging Concerns in Geographic                Information, Social    Media, and Education”