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Text Box: Knowledge from the Margins: Speaker & Abstract

“Who Created the Pill?: Clinical trials of Enovid and other                     contraceptives in      Humacao, Puerto Rico”

CANCELLED Loukou, Alain François: Université de Bouaké (Ivory Coast)

In their continuous evolution, human societies have experienced many types of inequalities. Digital divide is the latest of these inequalities. In some respect, the previous inequalities were worse. Even so, they had not raised as much media coverage and fears; they had not been condemned as much as digital divide, an inequality however seemingly insignificant. Should these frights be considered as a natural reflex or an exaggerated feeling? Should we interpret media coverage, frequent political speeches and scientific debates relating to digital divide as being the simple manifestation of a temporary phenomenon of society? Should we rather see in it the signs of a fundamental break in the socioeconomic development process? In the hypothetical state of such a break, can we consider that information and digital technologies of communication have become inevitable development factors for all countries? These different questions find their justification in the existence of a new context: the digital world in which evolve most of the present societies. Less well integrated into this digital universe, many developing countries are suffering from a digital divide that could later penalize them. From the analysis of the evolution of the phenomenon and the study of the specific case of Côte d’Ivoire which could be representative of most of the other African and developing countries, this article tries to answer these different questions.

“Digital divide in a    digital world: a case study of Côte d’Ivoire”

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