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History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science

Lyman Briggs College began in 1967 as an interdisciplinary endeavor to bridge the cultures of the biological and physical sciences with the cultures of the social sciences and humanities. Since its inception, this integration of the two cultures is what best defines “the Briggs experience” and makes LBC one of the most unique undergraduate experiences in the United States.

In LBC, we refer to the social sciences and humanities curriculum as "history, philosophy, & sociology" or HPS. LBC students have the opportunity to take HPS courses in four overlapping substantive areas: science, technology, the environment, and medicine. In such courses, LBC students examine numerous empirical, conceptual, and theoretical issues related to these substantive areas, using historical, philosophical, and sociological perspectives and methods.

If you have questions about HPS program and would like to speak to a faculty member, please, review the FACULTY & STAFF HPS directory of LBC by clicking here.